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Materials developed by educators with real world experiences and refined over 15 years in live classroom testing.

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Advance your knoweldge with professional mentoring offered in live remote conferencing sessions.


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Access interactive activities and quizzes that test understanding of real-world project applications.

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Mentors help you progress from simple comprehension of the subjects to synthesis and creation of original project work.

Education Technology


Desera implements Blockly, based on MIT scratch, to conceptually demonstrate how the building blocks of each subject fit together.

Code Sandbox

Walk through the steps of the real world development process and have mentors review your live coding exercises.


Interactive exercises, quizzes, and open-ended projects test your mastery of the subjects.


About Us

David Kelleher

David Kelleher is a freelance interactive media educator and producer. He founded, is an organizer for Northeast PHP, and presents talks on programming for video games, web development, and user experience at industry conferences throughout North America.

David's personal media projects include Sky Canopy, an outdoor projected social video game incorporating pressure sensitive mats, and Electric Hustle, a juggling act wired to generate live electronic music.

Current teaching interests include game development, website and mobile applications, interactive fiction and nonlinear video, advanced video effects using After Effects and Maya, and animation for new media.


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