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Reviews of David's presentations from LinkedIn and Joind.In users User

"I enjoy David's style of teaching. He's able to clearly articulate the concepts of the semantic web through the examples used.

"I thought the very first example using hexadecimal code as a way to illustrate to humans how a machine sees unstructured data was a novel way to start."

LinkedIn User

"Dave is well versed in a vast range of web technologies and web programming. He is always eager to share this knowledge too. When he gets on stage behind a mic, he is electrifying.

"This is a great gift of his - it really makes it easy and fun to learn what he is saying." User

David did an excellent job describing new ways to bring cinema effects into web design. I didn't believe it was possible until he explained that we are already doing it with photo galleries.

"That a good point", I thought. Then he had great examples to showcase this.



David Kelleher

David Kelleher is a freelance interactive media educator and producer. He founded, is an organizer for Northeast PHP, and presents talks on programming for video games, web development, and user experience at industry conferences throughout North America.

David's personal media projects include Sky Canopy, an outdoor projected social video game incorporating pressure sensitive mats, and Electric Hustle, a juggling act wired to generate live electronic music.

Current teaching interests include game development, website and mobile applications, interactive fiction and nonlinear video, advanced video effects using After Effects and Maya, and animation for new media.



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